Windows 9 Leaked Screens

Windows 9 will be getting its formal introduction at the end of this month.  But like every other big launch event. This too has not much element of surprise. Thanks to all the leaks. With all the current data we have. Windows 9 sure does look promising. Let us go through some of its salient features known to us.

1. Cortona Comes to Desktop

Yes, it has been reported that Cortona Windows Phone’s voice assistant is coming to the desktop as well. Given Windows previous commitments to its virtual assistant Cortana, it seems likely she will appear in some format , most likely as a search function in which cortona will be integrated, much like the Google now.

2. Virtual Desktops

The second attention-grabbing leak development has been virtual desktops. Windows nine offers the possibility to form distinct workspaces on the fly which might be a part of the broader networking and integration efforts being undertaken throughout the corporate – associate with or work well with a wider network sharing tool for community/office/social on-line workspaces. On a a lot of basic level, merely having a desktop configuration for home, work and play may prove handy. OS X Anyone ?

3. A new Start menu

The new Start menu appears to be very interactive, allowing you everything possible in the windows phone UI (Re sizing, reconfiguration and relocation). This was quite a good move on Microsoft behalf.

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