Dungeon Nightmare: A Truly Terrifying Experience

Dungeon Nightmare is a survival horror game based on the Unity engine. This engine has proven itself to be a very versatile piece of software. The Unity engine could almost be called the little engine that could, almost. However, this review is not about the Unity engine, which is awesome. It is, however, about a game that utilizes this amazing engine. Dungeon Nightmare is a horror game where I found it nearly impossible to play for more than a half hour at a time. Yes, it is truly frightening and I am not ashamed to admit it.

One of the first things that a new player will notice immediately is the graphics of Dungeon Nightmare. The developers have created an environment where everything feels alive, yet empty at the same time. The scares are plenty thanks to the dark atmosphere. The game is random, meaning that no items will be found in the same place and no two games will be the same. This makes for some interesting   gameplay moments. Once, I went to find an item from what I thought would be the same spot, only to find something much more sinister waiting for me.


The controls are your standard keyboard and mouse setup. The mouse will control the cursor on the screen and the keyboard will control the player’s movement. Anyone familiar with a first person shooter will find this game easy to pick up. You will have to find your way out of the nightmare using whatever items and such you find along the way. There are scares aplenty in this game. I really don’t think that I can stress this enough, as the game takes place over the course of seven nights.

This is definitely a game worthy of using headphones. It just completes the atmosphere. The sound is top notch, from creaking doors to terrifying screams. Although I will admit, that some of those terrifying screams came from me. But, it’s not just screams and doors. The sound of the game totally encompasses each night, bringing the nightmare full stop. Dungeon Nightmare’s sound allows for the game to keep the suspense at a high pitch. Some players might find this to be a bit cheesy, however, there is nothing cheesy when your heart is thumping in your chest and your palms are getting sweaty on the keyboard all because of the sound coming through your headphones. Seriously, this game can get more than a touch scary. So, the verdict for the sound quality is to use your headphones and nothing but the headphones.


Dungeon Nightmare is a game that will make you jump…a lot. It has great animation, story, sound, and graphics. Did I mention that this game is scary? Dungeon Nightmare was created by K Monkey. And is available on the Google play store. You can also find the pc version on the web for free. And don’t forget, this is a truly scary game, in case I didn’t mention it enough earlier. You’ve been warned.

Dungeon Nightmare is also available as a free Unity version on www.crazyscarygames.com ,  which is a website devoted to online scary games.

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