Script To Buy Micromax Yu from Amazon

The following script is a universal script to click on the only button on a web page. The time interval between each click can be adjusted. 5 milliseconds is default which is already set in the following code. This script will work on any flash sales like Mi and Lenovo as seen on flipkart as they also have only one button in their entire site flash sale page. 

About the phone

Snapdragon 615 Processor
Screen Size
Technical Specifications

How to buy

1.Click on this link to go to the sale page.
2. When the timer about 30 seconds right click on the page and select inspect element YU

And in the console window Copy cut paste the following script and click ENTER

[well]setInterval(function(){ jQuery(‘.btn’).trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Adding Item to cart…’); },10); [/well]

3. Once the item is added to your cart close the tab and open amazon in a new tab. Then go to your cart to check out.

Please let me know in the comments if something is not working out for you.


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