Top 5 Android Launchers

One of the best features of Android include customization. Android is the most customization mobile OS out there. With so many customization options and so many apps to customize the look of your smartphone it can be a little confusing as to what to pick. Here is a list of apps that can narrow down your options.

1. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Is by far my favorite launcher. It works best of tablets and isn’t bad on a smartphone as well.
Yahoo Aviate is the launcher that will take your phone to the next level. Gone are the days of a cluttered and boring stock Android phone. Yahoo Aviate automatically organizes your apps and shows you the information you need, at the moment it’s useful. Your apps and info, now with Wow!

2. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher allows you to import from your existing layout from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, Sense, TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you’ll instantly feel right at home.

3. GO Launcher EX

Stylish, Smart, Slim, Let’s GO Launcher!

GO Launcher is a stylish, smart & slim system for your Android phone. The 2015 brand new version “GO Launcher Z’ provides 365-day updated themes & HD wallpapers to decorate your screen, and abundant widgets, gestures & tools to make your ideal phone. Its previous version “GO Launcher EX” ranked as NO.1 launcher in Google Play with over 200 million users!

4. Google Now Launcher

If you like the Vanilla Android Experience then Google Now is the launcher for you. It gives you the themeing used in stock Android OS used in Nexus devices

5. Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher is a relatively new launcher but is worth checking out. For now It looks better than the aviate for smartphones but that’s just a personal opinion. It has many new and amazing features seen only in Android Lollipop. The app adds a learning curve to it and is very intuitive. It may take some time getting used to depending on the user.

[well]Which one is your favorite launcher? tell us in the comments below.[/well]

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