How To Create Temporary Emails and Phone Numbers

There are several online services which we require just once but nevertheless they still require you to register. Those are the sites which later spam your inbox with unwanted deals. To combat against these sites there are many online portals which allow you to use a temporary email address/phone number so that you can avoid these cumbersome spam mails. Moakt is a temporary email/phone number service. Its really simple to create one  and Moakt mail takes privacy very serious and for  has applied a TLS encryption into its connection to ensure users privacy.


Head over to

Type your name and click on the tick icon

Type your name and click on the tick icon

After generating your new email ID you will get the following, if you wish to extend the time limit for your email address then just click on the extend button and the timer will reset to 1 hour.


You can use this listed mail id on the lest side as your registration id. So that you can keep your original email free from hackers and Spam messages.



For the phone numbers just click on the phone icon and use any phone number you want. Moakt3


Note: You don’t have control over the numbers or messages. This means that others may stumble upon the verification SMS which they may use in turn to hijack the account. Even if deletion would be possible — it is not — it could still mean that others try the phone number to sign up for the same service which will inform them about the existing account as well.


Alternative Temporary Email Service

1) Guerrilla Mail – Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address

2) AirMail: Temporary Disposable Email

3) Mailinator

4) 10 Minute Mail

5) YOPmail – Disposable Email Address

6) – Temporary Email Address

7) – Disposable E-mail Account

8) – free temporary email, disposable email

Alternative Temporary Mobile Number Service

1) Receive-Sms

2) Receive SMS Online

3) FreeOnlinePhone


5) TextNow

6) Pinger Textfree Web

7) Twilio

8) Sellaite SMS RECEIVER



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