Do you know how to get rid of major cybercrime – cyberbullying?

Any act of blackmailing, harassment or torment via text messages, email, or social media is termed as cyberbullying. Different dimensions of cyberbullying may include spreading defaming rumors about the victim on social media such as Facebook and Google +, sharing compromising images of the kid being bullied, or sharing confidential information about the kid.

Today, children are using more smartphone technology than ever, which makes us think that cyber galaxy is certainly a best place for e-learning, amusements, and socializing. However, this also carries a number of threats, such as increased ratio of viewing adult content, purposeless surfing, and distraction from studies. Nevertheless, the greatest threat a kid faces online is none other than cyberbullying. It is an appreciated fact that if children are not properly monitored by the parents, they are exposed to such a threat, which has pretty serious consequences such as depression and anxiety leading to suicide.


Almost every kid today has his/her personal gadget and many research studies indicated an alarming fact that most kids online feel pleased to click ‘I am 18 and I wish to continue,’ regardless of the fact that they are legally allowed to view such content or not. So, it is the responsibility of the parents that their under-aged children are not socializing online, and in case they are, they are safe from online crimes.

A research study by Kaspersky, the famous vendor for security products, revealed that a large number of parents do not recognize cyberbullying as a threat, which makes kids more vulnerable to cyberbullying. The said study included children aged 5 to 11 along with their parents, and signified results that parents do not know that to what extent their kids use internet in general and social media in particular. Such results clearly indicate how vulnerable a child is when he is socializing online.

In order to prevent cyberbullying, the first step is that parents should recognize is as a serious problem, which has serious consequences. Cyberbullying is not restricted to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, but other platforms such as WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, and Instagram may also be used by the bullies to victimize children.


Parents need to bring up their children in such a way that they fully recognize the fact that if parents are monitoring the communication they make online, it is not a breach of the children’s privacy and is just a part of all the safety measures parents take for the safety of their children. A very good idea can be to install a parental control application on the personal gadgets of the children, which will let them monitor all the communication made by their children online and offline.

A very important thing parents need to do is to create a friendly environment at home which entails open lines of communication. This will ensure that if a kid is bullied online or offline, he instantly shares it with his parents, who will definitely take some corrective action against the bully.


Parents should follow all the social media accounts through their own accounts, so that they can come to know the stuff posted by their children. Moreover, guardians should also try to investigate if their child operates a fake social media account.
Another good idea can be to share such literature with children which talks about cyberbullying and its harmful effects. Numerous blogs are available online which do share related content and parents should encourage the children to subscribe such blogs.
A sad fact is that people don’t recognize cyberbullying as a social media threat and fail to monitor the internet usage by their children, which may lead to serious consequences. What needs to be done is to maintain an open environment with the children and supervise their internet usage through a sophisticated parental control application.

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