Who Are Hi-tech Home Security Products Really Helping?

For most families, a home is many things. A protective castle, a sentimental spot, and a massive financial investment. In each case, there’s plenty of incentive to keep it safe. Whether you’re renting, or living in a house you’ve actually purchased, home security – like data security – is of tantamount importance.

What form that security takes can be a little trickier to figure out. Alarms (like those offered by homesecurity911) and beefed-up locks have long been staples of the industry, but recent technological jumps have birthed an array of new products for the worried resident.

As with any rapidly changing field, these advances are a mixed bag. Some are worthy products, and can contribute both to peace of mind and actual safety. Some – well, let’s just say that it’d be better, cheaper, and more satisfying to just adopt a dog. I’ll run through a few of the more popular products to surface in recent years, and let you know which ones are worth a look, and which ones you’re better off avoiding.

Consider Investing in: Peeple

This one’s only in the kickstarter phase, but it’s absolutely something to watch. Peeple is a small camera that easy-mounts to existing peepholes on doors. It activates at a knock, and records whoever happens to be outside your door, sending that data to your smartphone. Whether someone’s coming in or going out, Peeple snaps a shot and saves it, completely removing the blind spot outside your door.

Even better, it won’t break the bank as badly as some of the flunks on our little list. An early investment now will run $99. Not cheap, but not too pricey considering what we’re dealing with.


Canary is a complete home security system packed into a single device. It adapts to your home over time, and sends intelligent notifications with HD video directly to your smartphone. That way, you’re never surprised when you walk through the door.

Built to learn.

Canary’s algorithm-based motion detection learns over time to send you smarter notifications. The longer you have it, the more effective it becomes.

Intelligent notifications.

When Canary senses anything out of the ordinary, you receive a notification with recorded HD video of the event, as well as the option to watch live.

Buy canary for your home. 

Godrej home security Solutions

EagleA more Indian (and Jugadu) approach to this would be Godrej Eagle fire and Burglar alarm system. The Godrej Eagle Burglary and Fire Alarm System with the latest microprocessor technology is programmed to provide high levels of security. Be it to secure your family and yourself against the threat of unlawful entry. Or to protect valuable assets in your home, office or establishment from the threat of burglary and fire. Eagle also offers you the option of an Automatic Telephone Dialing (ATD) facility. This system automatically calls up pre-fed numbers in case of an Alarm. These could be the appropriate authorities or your own contact numbers, including your mobile number in case you are not present at home.



Think Long and Hard About: Video Monitoring Systems


Instead of a specific product here, let’s talk about a  whole class. We’ve seen a recent uptick in security camera systems designed to integrate with smart homes. By and large, there’s one other uniting factor with all of them: they’re incredibly expensive.

Whether or not this is a worthy investment is entirely dependent on you. If you are interested in one of these systems, it’s time for a serious reality check. Many homeowners with these devices get more grief  out of them than anything else. Security cams are a short cut to a rapidly worsening case of paranoia, one that can spread quickly to an entire family. It’s nice to have eyes around your house, but no one enjoys being watched (especially any kids you might happen to have).

Besides, the actual values these cams add is debatable. Recent (heinously expensive) smart systems may change the game by actively responding to any break-ins, but many existing ones can be rendered moot by a ski mask. If you live in a high-crime area, or if you’re concerned about events around your house then maybe – maybe – those cams are worth it. If not, the only person who benefits from them is whoever you buy them from.


If You’re Still Worried Get: A Dog

I’m not kidding. Sometimes we get a little bit too wrapped up in the high-tech. Think about this: a friendly fuzzball from the local shelter is cheaper than most security systems, offers a tangible, physical deterrent against break-ins, and will respond far more actively and quickly than even the most advanced camera web. Also, they’re much more fun to be around than any of the above gadgets.

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