How to Fix Pen Drive Shortcut Virus

USB Shortcut problem is now becoming more & more common. Our dear school computers are the main propagators of this virus. This particular virus creates a shortcut and replaces the original content which keeps spreading computer to computer through USB, to access the original data you have to further click the shortcut which is pretty cumbersome. protectandsecureusbflashdrivefromviruses

We can easily solve this using either by a software or using Command Prompt. I will discuss both the methods here:


1. Using Bitdefender USB immunizer

  1. Download USB Immunizer and install it.
  2. Connect all of your external storage devices to computer > Choose clean
  3. It automatically cleans your shortcut virus problems from all USB storages and don’t forget to restart your computer after using this tool because it make changes in windows directory and until you restart your computer, your computer might not work properly.

2. Using CMD Prompt

  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Connect the particular USB Device.
  3. Here I’ll assume your pen drive letter as X, and now enter the following command in the command prompt window. attrib -h -r -s /s /d x:*.*
  4. This should fix your shortcut problem in about 2 seconds



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