How To Get a Free Domain

A good website can cost you a lot of money. My own website- costs me 6K annually. But there are always workarounds which allow you to set up a blog with minimal or no costs at all. If you are already blogging and want to take it to the next level with a custom domain then this post is for you. This article lists the online services which allow us to purchase domains at no or minimal costs (below Rs.60)

1. IndiaToGetOnline– free .in domain and hosting

Google and HostGator have partnered together to provide local businesses in India a platform to launch themselves online. However the fine print is that you will have to pay the standard charges for the domain and hosting after one year. indiantogetonline

2. – free .college domains will provide you with a free .college domain for the first year.


3.– free .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq domains


4.– .bit domain for $1

GetDotBit is a no-nonsense .bit domain registrar, built using the namecoin network. Your domain name will be costing you $1 every year.


5.– Free .me Domains for all students


You will have to provide a proof of you being a student like a student ID or an international student ID card like this one StudentID

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