How can I improve my Typing Speed ?

After joining college I found that there are several people in the computer science stream who asked this same question so that they could also keep up with there fellow batch mates.  So here are some tried and tested ways to improve your typing speed. Keep in mind that most people are not going to be able to improve their typing speed overnight. It takes at-least a month or two to be able to see any changes.


Proper placement

I remember my father teaching me this in 9th Grade before which I used to type with one or two fingers. Some people can type fast with just one or two fingers but that isn’t the proper way. Place your left and right hand on the keyboard as follows:

and in any text editor keep typing “asdfgasdfgasdfgasdfgasdgdsfgasdfgasdfgasdfgasdfg” and “;lkjh;lkhlk;jhl;kjhl;kjh;lkjh;lkjh” alternatively to get your hands used to the keys and its placement. When you feel confidant enough move on the qwerty keys after which you can move down to “zxcv”.
Remember, practice makes perfect you must be willing to do this regularly.


Sending friends or family members frequent email letters can not only help you to keep in touch with them but also help you to increase your typing speed. Other sources for chatting may include Facebook, whatsapp, hangouts and so on.

Type pages of a book or a song

Typing some text which you remember by-heart will also help you in improving your typing speed. I remember the text I could type the fastest was my password and “Hello my name is Ashish”. Pick any book, any song and start typing.

Use online typing games and programs

There are an array of online tools which you can utilize to increase your typing speed. They are a great and competitive way to improve your typing speed. Here are some of the best online resource you can refer to.

QWERTY Warriors

Fun and very addictive game, where you must defend yourself against other people, tanks, robots, and other vehicles by typing the word below it.

Click here to play the game


A free online typing tutor program, TypingWeb allows users to learn how to type on their keyboard better and faster. The free tutorial teaches people how to place their hands on the keyboard, learn where keys are and how to type words more quickly. The typing tutorial is available for people of all ages and offers training for people at any level of typing skills.

Click here to check out TypingWeb

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