Fixing common problems with PlayStation

Sony Play Station is a big name in Gaming industry. They are kind of ruling the industry since their first launch. Play Stations are nothing but a piece of electronic components clubbed together like any other electronic device (or other gaming devices like Xbox). Similar to any electronic device, Play Stations to have some glitches/performance issues which gamer’s have faced till now.


Here we will discuss some of the common problems that users face on any Play Station.

Common problems/issues on Sony PlayStations


Cinavia Messages

Cinavia is a powerful algorithm that was basically developed for stopping the video piracy. It worked well for some time but many PlayStation users have complained about this algorithm annoying them for home videos even. They are not able to watch promos completely.

Cinavia output errors in form of 4 messages (1 to 4). Cinavia Message Code 3 is most popular among all the kinds. It unmutes the audio and pop out continuous warning messages on the screen. Cinavia Message Code 3 Fix is simple and can be fixed by any level of gamer.

YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)

Yellow Light of Death is another common bug that almost every PlayStation user faces. It is related to hardware problems and mainly arises because of some damage to the internal circuitry of the gaming console. Yellow Light of Death can also be fixed easily. It is related to temperature so try to keep your PS3/PS4 console within the temperature range that is specified in the manual.

PlayStation Turns Off Suddenly

This is also a common bug in both PlayStation 3 and 4. Many users have complained about this issue. Sony has officially released a guide about how to fix this issue (just precautionary steps). They are even ready to replace the consoles if nothing works. So in case you are facing any such issue, please check the below things:

  • Check the HDMI cable and connect it properly. In case you have an extra HDMI cable as spare piece with you then you can try replacing the HDMI cable also.
  • Also check for the hard drive
  • Your PlayStation must be ventilated properly. So in case not, kindly let it cool down for some time and then ventilate it properly.


PlayStation is a high end gaming device that can be used to kill boredom to best extent. Not only this, you can become professional gamer by gaining deep knowledge and becoming master in gameplays. However like any electronic device, PS too have some limitations and throws exceptions sometimes.

We have discussed most common problems that can appear across any PlayStation. Do let us know if you have some suggestions or queries.

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